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Her money was all gone. He had the car fixed in no time at all. I don't like that one. Indeed, sir! Who is the first? They are aware of the difficulties. I wonder why Kriton isn't hungry. I don't, either.

Kay made a useful suggestion. "When do you get up?" "I get up at eight." Make sure Blaine gets this. Have you ever played baseball? I want it now! I still don't like Cavalieri, Tonelli, or Fubini... and my oral calculus exam is already tomorrow. He is the devil incarnate. I know you can't stop them. The driver told us to be careful when we got off the bus. I can't go home again.

Tracy neglected his duties. I've got a rope in my trunk. Speaking French is difficult. Mah sits in front of his computer eight hours a day.

Is that so difficult? It is our obligation to help. We need to find a way to help Kyu. My strong point is my philosophy - nothing ventured nothing gained. He never asked me.

He is not always busy in the morning. Pitawas left without saying goodbye. I need help doing this. The United States is ahead by 2 goals against Colombia. Be careful! The floor is wet.

I don't know if I can stay. She happily granted my request. Heinz will need this. Most whales feed on plankton. Malaria is a disease spread by mosquitoes.

We'll talk about it later. Barry looks like a real freak. Martin never went to see Evelyn again. Everybody was clapping. We plan to help Spass paint the barn tomorrow. Carlo didn't waste much time. Have you ever thrown stones at crows? We'll never forget them.

I heard them sobbing. I don't like the way Juha is acting. The ice cream is melting.

We must draw attention to the distribution of this form in those dialects. I left three questions unanswered. We've got no room for error. When I run, I feel the wind in my hair. Sally hasn't spoken to me about it yet. I have no home to live in. Jelske has got to be stopped. We must give in in some extent if we want to get to an agreement. My niece is attractive and mature for her age. You have to do it, just like we all do.

Hunting accidents happen more often than most people realize. You first. Summer is coming. Hienz plans to live in Boston for more than a year. Why is it still happening? You said Laurianne liked me. You've got a lot of explaining to do.

Who is the man that is leaning against the gate? No, this is my second time. Barney Jackson has set a new world record. The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. Germany is not ruled by the law of the jungle, but by the rule of law. I wasn't aware that you were so ill.