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I haven't told anybody yet what I found. I found your wallet behind the sofa. Could you clarify the meaning of your sentence for me? Your jewelry is very beautiful. I ate with my baby brother. Please make yourselves comfortable. Annie doesn't know when Cynthia will come. She wore her hair in plaits. You should do what you think is right.

Indicate size, color, and style on the order form. I drink a bottle of Coke for breakfast. Is that healthy? Yvonne pitched six innings. Silence is a sign of consent. Youth goes away and never comes back. People should wash themselves.

The amount payable on the electricity bill was low. My daughter's getting all gussied up for her first date.

Naresh is at work now.

Everyone knows that he's still alive. Sometimes I use the scissors as a can opener. I can deliver that to him. He had his secretary type letter.

He was excommunicated.

She's impossible to satisfy. I received a letter from one of my friends in Japan.

I'm scared of you. Did you see her last night? My father has bought a new car. My son lives in a distant place. As economy develops, labor-intensive industries give way to capital-intensive industries.

I wasn't going to do that. I hope you get the information you need. Duane was seated at the table wrapping presents. Kee is trying to be nice. He came at me with a knife in his hand. We're heading for disaster.

You helped us.